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How to improve your English?

Here are some tips how we can easily improve our English:

1. Read as much as you can

Try to read as many books, magazines, articles in English as you can.

Easy-Reading-Selections-in-English-Dixson-Robert-J-9780132229029 images11

But bear in mind that you always have to find the magazine or book that you can understand and you don’t just struggle whilst reading. It is easy to find books at different levels, there are „easy readings” available for students at the elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced levels. (The numbers on the cover of these books refer to these levels.)

2. Watch English channels

By watching English channels we can easily expand our vocabulary, we can practice the pronunciation of words, we can learn new expressions.

3. The Internet

We usually spend a lot of time on the net. We can use the internet not only for surfing, but we can always find some downloadable contents that we can use for learning. These are often free to download.

You can also practice English on some websites. My favourite site is Verbling, on which we can talk with native speakers of diferent languages.

4. Listen to music in English

Listen to your favourite artist and try to understand the lyrics of his/her songs. You can always find the lyrics of the songs on the Internet.

5. Vocabulary cards

We can buy many kinds of vocabulary cards of different levels, too.

Copy of EL1 loopcard 1

6. Words, words and more words…

Don’t be satisfied with knowing only one meaning of a word. Try to learn the other meanings of the same word, too. Look up words in the dictionary that can be derived from the original word. Learn the synonyms and antonyms of it as well.

7. Practice speaking English.

If you have the chance, speak! Talk to people who speak English.

8. Grammar.

Oh, yes, you have to learn the grammar as well. Don’t be sad about this fact, we can always find tasks, exercises that we can enjoy doing.

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