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How to say hello?

There are several possible ways to say hello in English. Depending on how well we know the other person, whether our relationship is friendly or more formal, we can chose from the following versions:


–         „Hello”/”Hi”

This is the simplest, most common way to greet somebody.

–         „Good morning/afternoon/evening”

Simple, yet polite, a little formal.

–         „Morning/Evening/Afternoon”

It is the shortened, friendlier version of the forms mentioned above.

–         „What’s up?/How is it going?/Alright?/Right?”

You can use these forms if the other person is your friend, you know him/her well. Although they sound like a question, there’s no need to answer…:)

–         My favourite is the cowboy way of saying hello: 😀


DSC_0015 DSC_0014

–         And if you haven’t seen the other person for some time:

„Look who’s here!/Look what the cat dragged in!/Look who it is!”


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