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Phone conversations

Have you ever found communicating on the phone a difficult task?


I have tried to collect some of the most frequently used English phrases, words we can use in telephone conversations:

  • Hello, how are you?
  • good morning/good afternoon /good evening
  • Hello this …(your name)
  • Can I please speak to ….
  • I would like to speak to…
  • Can I leave a message, please?
  • Do you know when he/she will be available?
  • I will call back later.
  • Can I leave my telephone number? My phone number is…
  • What is her/his mobile phone number?
  • The number is busy.
  • Sorry, I can’t hear you.
  • Please speak slowly.
  • The line was disconnected.



While texting friends I always learn some new expressions and shortened forms that we can use in text messages. Here are some examples:

There = Dere/Tere

Thank you = Thnx/Thnk u/Thnx/ty

What’s up?  = Wassup? /Wts up?/ Wtz up?/Sup?

Before = B4

Later = L8r

Night= Nite

You = u

Are = R

Don’t = Dnt

I don’t know = Idk

As soon as possible = Asap

Be right back = Brb

Information = info

What = Wut/Wat

Goodnight = Gn

Take care = Tc

Sweet dreams = Sd

That = dat

See you = Cu

What about you? = Wbu?

Ok = K/Okies/kk

I don’t care = Idc

By the way = Btw

Talk to you later = Ttyl

For your information = Fyi

On the other hand = Otoh

And = N

Tonight = 2nite

For you = 4u

Laughing out loud = Lol/lolz

Message = msg

Text = Txt

With respect to = Wrt

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