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How to say thanks?

Here is a list of the possible ways of how to say thank you in English.


If you want to say thanks for a smaller favour:

–         Thank you.

–         Thanks.

–         Cheers.

–         Appreciate it.

–         Thanks darling/love.

In case we need something more formal:

–         Thank you so much.

–         Thank you very much.


What to say if someone said thanks to us?

Depending on the situation, we can chose from the following words and expressions:

–         Sure.

–         No sweat.

–         No problem.

–         No probs.

–         No, not at all.

–         You are welcome.

–         Welcome.

–         Don’t mention it.

–         Don’t worry.

–         Don’t worry about it.

–         It’s my pleasure.

–         My pleasure.

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