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British and American English 3

Some important differences between British and American English:


British English                                   American English

draught                         draft

dressing gown               (bath) robe

engaged                         busy

fancy dress                    costumes

fish-fingers                    fish-sticks

football                         soccer

fortnight                        two weeks

full stop                        period

headmaster, headteacher                  principal

hoover                           vacuum cleaner

jacket potato                 baked potato

jumper                          sweater

ladybird                        ladybug

mackintosh                   raincoat

match                                     game

mobile                           cellphone

number plate                 license plate

phone box                     phone booth

prawn                                     shrimp

queue                                      line up

quid                               buck

rucksack                        backpack

share                             stock

public school                 private school

sultana                          raisins

sweet shop                             candy store

term                              semester

taxi                                cab

tap                                faucet

tram                              streetcar

trainers                          sneakers

undertaker                     mortician

waistcoat                       vest

year                               grade

zebra crossing               crosswalk


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