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Company description

Company Description

What company do you work for?

Which company are you with?

Who do you represent?

I work for ABC Company.

I’m with ABC.

I represent (the) XYZ (company).

What is the name of your company?

Where are you located?

The name of our company is . . . .

Our company is located in . . . .

Our headquarters is in . . .

What (type of business) do you do?

What business are you in?

We are in the computer business.

We’re in computers

We sell . . .

We produce . . .

We manufacture . . .

Our major products are . . .

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How to describe a person?

We can use these adjectives if we have to describe a person:

He/She is old, young, middle aged, thin, skinny, slim, thin, chubby, fat, overweight, small, tall, cute,  talkative, quiet, rich, poor, gorgeous, beautiful, helpful, hard-working, lazy,extrovert, introvert, enthusiastic, funny, dull, boring, nice, lovely, intelligent, silly…

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