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Phone conversations

Have you ever found communicating on the phone a difficult task?


I have tried to collect some of the most frequently used English phrases, words we can use in telephone conversations:

  • Hello, how are you?
  • good morning/good afternoon /good evening
  • Hello this …(your name)
  • Can I please speak to ….
  • I would like to speak to…
  • Can I leave a message, please?
  • Do you know when he/she will be available?
  • I will call back later.
  • Can I leave my telephone number? My phone number is…
  • What is her/his mobile phone number?
  • The number is busy.
  • Sorry, I can’t hear you.
  • Please speak slowly.
  • The line was disconnected.

How to start a conversation?

I’m sure you have also heard the following questions, if you wanted to start a conversation with someone speaking English:

How are you?

How do you do?

How is it going?

What’s up?

What’s happening?

A lot of people don’t know what to say, how to answer these questions. Here you can find some of the possible answers.

“How do you do?” is the easiest to answer, you simply have to repeat the question, you don’t need to answer it.

„How are you?” – Perhaps, this is the most frequent question and the most frequent answer is “Fine”.

We can also use the following words, expressions:

Fine, thanks.

Been better.


Pretty good.

Very well.


We can reply with them to the question “how is is going?” as well.


„What’s up?” or „what’s happening?”:

As the person asking us is interested in what’s happening in our lives, we can say:


Not much.

Not a lot.

Just the usual.

Just the same old, same old.

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