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Restaurant customer survey

Customer Survey (Restaurant)

What types of food do you like to eat?

What types of food do you not like to eat?

How often do you go out for a meal?

On what days of the week do you usually eat out?

Which meal(s) (breakfast, lunch, dinner) do you eat outside of your home?

How much do you spend on a typical meal?

Do you go out alone, as a couple, or in groups?

What are your main criteria in choosing a restaurant?

What are your main reasons for not going out to eat?

What is your primary means of transportation?

What area of the city do you live in?


0-12 13-18 19-25 26-40 41-60 61 and over
Male Female



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Entertaining Speeches 3


INFORMATIVE SPEECH–give us information that describes something or states how to do something; it does not give your opinion as a main point; it avoids making judgments that the things you are talking about are bad/good, etc.

PERSUASIVE SPEECH–persuade us to change our beliefs or actions; shows us YOUR opinion on a subject–that you think it is good/bad, right/wrong, moral/immoral, justified/unjustified, that we should/should not do something.

AFTER DINNER SPEECH–usually a persuasive speech but sometimes informative focused; key distinguishing feature is that it is focused on entertaining the audience usually with jokes and humor.

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I’d like to pay (in) cash.

I’ll put it on my credit card.

Can I charge it?

Could you put that on my bill?

Could I put that on my account?

Could you send me an invoice?

Could you bill me (for that)?

Can I put it on lay-away?

May I  . . .

pay in cash

pay by check

pay by credit card

pay with a credit card

pay in installments

pay in one lump sum

Could you deliver it to my office?

Do you charge for shipping?

Do I need to pay for postage and handling?

How long will it take?


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Describing projects

Describing Projects

What are your current projects?

What are you working on (at present)?

What are your major initiatives in this area?

We are currently working on . . .

We are in the process of . . .

We are developing . . .

We are designing . . .

We are building . . .

We are marketing . . .

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Business letters – helpful hints

Helpful Hints for Business Letters

Before writing a business letter, consider the following:


Why am I writing this letter?

What do I hope to accomplish?

What action do I want from my reader?

Your Audience

Who will read this letter?

How can I appeal to the reader’s interest?

What attitude might the reader have toward this information?

Will the reader consider this good news or bad news?


What information should be included first/last?

What details does the reader need to know?

Does my conclusion motivate the reader to do something?

Do I end the letter in a positive and polite manner?


Do I use a professional business letter format?

Do my language and style show a positive attitude toward the reader/the company/the product/the information.

Will my reader be offended by anything in the letter?


Are there any spelling errors, typos, etc.?

Is the format of the letter appropriate?

Have I signed my name?

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Charts and graphs

Types of Charts

Pie chart

Bar chart/graph

Line graph

Describing Movement




Go upGo down







Reach (a point)


Types of Movement

SlightSlightly GradualGradually SharpSharply DramaticDramatically MajorMinor

Movement over Time

There was a gradual decline in sales.Sales declined gradually (noun usage)(verb usage)

Enrollment increased by 4% in 1997.

There was a 4% increase in enrollment in 1997.

Immigration rose to 800,000 in 1999.Immigration rose by 20,000 in 1999. (to a point/number)(by increment)

There was a 20% rise in immigration. (percentage)

Taxes remained the same from 2000 to 2001.

Taxes continued at 15% for two years.

Static (non-movement) Description

Sales stood at $1,400,000 in 1998.

Profits were $27,000 in 1999.

There was a loss of $21,000 in 2001.

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Company description

Company Description

What company do you work for?

Which company are you with?

Who do you represent?

I work for ABC Company.

I’m with ABC.

I represent (the) XYZ (company).

What is the name of your company?

Where are you located?

The name of our company is . . . .

Our company is located in . . . .

Our headquarters is in . . .

What (type of business) do you do?

What business are you in?

We are in the computer business.

We’re in computers

We sell . . .

We produce . . .

We manufacture . . .

Our major products are . . .

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