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British and American English 3

Some important differences between British and American English:


British English                                   American English

draught                         draft

dressing gown               (bath) robe

engaged                         busy

fancy dress                    costumes

fish-fingers                    fish-sticks

football                         soccer

fortnight                        two weeks

full stop                        period

headmaster, headteacher                  principal

hoover                           vacuum cleaner

jacket potato                 baked potato

jumper                          sweater

ladybird                        ladybug

mackintosh                   raincoat

match                                     game

mobile                           cellphone

number plate                 license plate

phone box                     phone booth

prawn                                     shrimp

queue                                      line up

quid                               buck

rucksack                        backpack

share                             stock

public school                 private school

sultana                          raisins

sweet shop                             candy store

term                              semester

taxi                                cab

tap                                faucet

tram                              streetcar

trainers                          sneakers

undertaker                     mortician

waistcoat                       vest

year                               grade

zebra crossing               crosswalk

British and American English 2

The most frequent vocabulary differences between Britsh and American English:


British English                                 American English

public toilet                            restroom, public bathroom

railway                          railroad

return (ticket)                round-trip

ring road                         beltway, freeway loop, highway loop

rubber                           eraser

rubbish                          garbage, trash

shop                              store

solicitor                         lawyer, attorney

spanner                         wrench

sweets                           candy

tea towel                       dishtowel

tin                                 can

torch                             flashlight

timetable                       schedule

tube, underground                  subway

vest                               undershirt

windscreen                    windshield

zip                                 zipper

anorak                           jacket, parka

at the weekend              on the weekend

aubergine                      eggplant

bank holiday                 national holiday

biro                               ball-point pen

candyfloss                     cotton candy

caretaker                       janitor

city centre                     downtown

cooker                           stove

cot                                 crib

courgette                       zucchini

cloakroom                     coatroom

double cream                 heavy cream

duvet                             comforter

British and American English

The most frequent vocabulary differences between Britsh and American English:


British English                American English

anti-clockwise                  counter-clockwise

attorney                                   barrister

autumn                          autumn, fall

biscuit                           cookie

block of flats                 apartment building

bonnet                           hood

bonnet                           hat

boot                              trunk

caravan                         trailer

car park                        parking lot

chemist’s                       drugstore, pharmacy

chips                             fries

cinema                           movies

crisps                                      chips

diversion                       detour

dustbin                          garbage can, trash can

dustman                        garbage collector

flat                                apartment, studio

flyover                          overpass

gearbox                         transmission

high street                     main street

holiday                          vacation

lift                                 elevator

lorry                              truck

mad                               crazy, insane

main road                      highway

maize                             corn

motorbike                     motorcycle

motorway                     freeway, highway

nappy                                     diaper

pavement                      sidewalk

petrol                                      gas, gasoline

pocket money               allowance

post                               mail

postbox                         mailbox

postman                        mailman

postcode                       zip code

pub                               bar

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