Materials for language lessons

Welsh proverbs 2

“Heb ei fai, heb ei eni.”
Translation: “He who has no faults is not born.” 

“Hedyn pob drwg yw diogi.”
Translation: “The seed of all evil is laziness.” 

“Mwyaf y brys, mwyaf y rhwystr.”
Translation: “More the hurry, more the obstacles.” 

“Nerth hen, ei gyngor parad.”
Translation: “The strength of the old is their ready counsel.” 

“Ni cheir da o hir gysgu.”
Translation: “No good will come of over sleeping.” 
“Rhaid cropian cyn cerdded.”
Translation: “You must crawl before walking.” 

“Y mae dafad ddu ym mhob praidd.”
Translation: “Every flock has its black sheep.” 

“Yr hen a ŵyr a’r ieuanc a dybia.”
Translation: “The old know and the young suspect.”

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